Credit Reporting

We have been providing comprehensive credit reports to local, national, and international customers for more than 40 years now. We partner with Equifax to bring you the most powerful database of credit information at excellent prices.
Knowing your customer is the key to successfully handling their credit needs, and minimizing risk for your company. Our Equifax reports assist you in making an informed decision during the initial lending process, increasing credit limits, and also when you see a change in payment habits - find out if there is a problem before it's too late.

There are different types of credit reports:

Consumer Reports provide a six year credit history for individuals, including: identification, employment, payment habits, current financial obligations, available credit, legal actions, collections, NSF cheques, secured loans, banking information and more.

Commercial Reports are credit histories for companies which provide comprehensive information about payment habits, credit risk index, payment index, inquiries on the file, payment habits, current obligations, legal items, collections items and more.

Account Monitoring provides weekly updates on your key commercial accounts to warn you of any changes in payment habits with other suppliers, any returned cheques, third party collections, legal actions, etc. Know your key customers in detail and be aware of any concerns before your credit relationship is jeopardized.

Having reliable, comprehensive credit information during the credit relationship can save you valuable time and money down the road. Our customers tell us that understanding the credit file of a prospective client has helped them to feel confident about decisions to extend or deny credit. These decisions are backed by the most comprehensive credit database serving all of North America, 18 other countries, and growing.

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