Leverage Your Association- Use our Pre-Collection Letter Systems

At some point in your receivables process, you undoubtedly will need to use a letter process. Utilizing our past due letter system gives you the strength of our clout in the industry.

We will customize a letter service to your clients responding to past due accounts, or NSF cheques, or other situations according to need. Most common is our 30 day past due notice series which indicates that Credit Risk Management Canada is aware of this past due account, and directs the customer to pay you directly in order to protect their credit rating.

This is an excellent risk management tool with proven outcomes as follows:

· Motivating your customer to make amends and potentially averting further legal action.
· Educating your customer to pay you in priority sequence to avoid damage to their credit rating.
· Reducing habitually slow payment patterns, and identifying your hardcore collection problems sooner, thereby increasing your recovery potential.