PPSA Searching & Registration

You need to be certain that your assets are secured correctly and quickly. We are a trusted partner that forms an integral part of your team. We will provide the most effective and accurate solution to Personal Property security for you.

Our Risk Control web platform allows you to complete searches and registrations across the country with ease. The search results can be available on line or faxed back to you, whichever you prefer. A complete on line history is maintained of all your transactions for easy viewing and tracking. Confirming the registration status and file number has never been so easy.

Our unique reminder system gives you the added reassurance that you won’t miss important renewal dates. Set this date according to your schedule to be reminded of a follow up on your account.

Toll free support will help answer any questions quickly. Time and again our staff has received commendations from clients for spotting and notifying them of errors that could have proven to be quite costly. We’re here to help you be secure!

Call us at 1-888-993-3645 to ask about PPSA specifics or email to obtain member login information so you can begin using the web immediately. Another excellent solution for you! We also have a fax-in system that can be used as back up, should your system be down, in use, or if you need a manual process for a short period of time.

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