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Technology UPgrades in Progress at UPLevel

Staying connected and enhancing communication has never been more important than during this unusual time. We're stronger and better for the unexpected adjustments that have been demanded of us all in 2020 and we maintain our culture of continuous improvement despite the challenges we've all faced together over the past 8 months.

One of the substantial investments we're making for long term improvement is upgrading our telephony which will be an excellent outcome and gain us all greater visibility. Many of us have a system or systems in need of a good upgrade and our investment in infrastructure now will serve us all long into the future. We're excited to bring this upgrade to you.

As with any migration of this scope and nature we have to be realistic and acknowledge that there is a small possibility of a temporary outage during the cutover period. We don't expect this of course - we are running an extensive testing protocol to minimize the likelihood of this risk coming to pass. We will also be testing extensively immediately prior to the migration and we have a plan for reversion if there is any issue.

The migration is staged over several days for different business areas and is set to begin in the coming weeks and again, we expect that this will be totally seamless to you. There is nothing you need to do on your end, the extensions or direct numbers that you use to reach us all remain the same, and we envision a very smooth process. Online processes are not impacted in any way so all online transactions will flow as usual throughout the process. Please also remember that you can reach your team here at

We are 100% available for you. Should you encounter any issues, let us know right away and we will work to solve them. We have a whole team dedicated to this key project including key managers and laser focused consultant leaders who have extensive experience in migrations like this one. You've got lots of us on the team totally at your fingertips.

At UPLevel we committed early to making this the "New Better" rather than the "New Normal". This implementation is part of our commitment to not just maintaining but improving the service you receive from us while the way we all operate is being impacted by this pandemic. We hope you'll find this a seamless and excellent improvement. Thank you for your support.

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